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Medicinske sestre potražujemo za rad u državnim bolnicama u Saudijskoj Arabiji

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For our client from Saudi Arabia, we are looking for Head Nurse to work in a Hospital based in Riyadh.
Head Nurses

Return tickets, Relocation package, Educational assistance, Tax free, medical inssurance, Accommodation

6 years

Employment type:
Full-time one-year contract  

: Excellent English language (written and spoken), Computer literate

Education level:
Professional Qualification - Bachelor of Science in   Nursing (BSN) from accredited school and Current license of practice from country of origin

Vacancies exist in:
Emergency department

Salary range: 19.895,00RRiyal - 22.390,00Riyal ( converted in EURO 4.337,14EUR-4.881,83EUR)

Job Summary:

- Provides effective leadership to ensure the delivery of patient and family centered care in the assigned area.

- Manages   the   development, implementation,monitoring and evaluation   of standard of care, policies and procedures.

- Facilitates the professional and clinical development of all nursing staff and works as an effective member of the caring team.

-Responsible    for   the   24   hour   management, administrative functions   and monitoring of practice to ensure effective and efficient operation of the assigned area according to programed policy and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Ensure the highest standard of clinical care is maintained, utilizing a systematic approach to nursing.

-Manage and deploy staff efficiently, contributing to innovationin the use of nursing resources within the assigned area.

-Provide leadership and act as a role model for the staff.

-Support and work in a collaborative manner with nurses and members of the multidisciplinary team.

-Apply, maintain and ensure strict compliance with the policies and procedures of practices.

-Implement   the philosophy, mission, vision   statement   and standards   of the Nursing Department.

-Act as advocatefor the assigned unit and liaisewith all members of the multidisciplinary   team to coordinateall aspects of patient   care in the best interests of the patient and family.

-Interact   effectively   with   patients, their   families   and   staff to promote   an environment of trust, learning and growth.

-Ensure that standards of care and policies and procedures are delivered based on evidence based practice.

-Maintain effective communication within the department and all members of the multidisciplinary team.

-Participate in the multidisciplinary patient rounds and advises accordingly.

-Monitor the safe and effective use and storage of all equipment and supplies.

-Order equipment and supplies and ensure periodic preventive maintenance is completed.

-Be responsible for ensuring Health and Safety regulations are met within the work areas and all staff is aware and compliant.

-Ensure patient and staff confidentiality is adhered to.

-Ensure that all staff credentials and licensure is current.

-Promote a professional and positive image of the hospital.

-Develop effective partnership facilitating team building and work collaboratively within the unit to ensure common goals are established.

-Serve on PSMMC-Wide Committees and Nursing Committees as necessary.

-Maintain regular department meetings with staff and minutes copies are provided to Clinical Director of Nursing.

-Resolve   management    problems   within   the   Nursing   Department, utilizing appropriate resources through the chain of command for problem solving.

-Maintain management records relating to all aspects of ward management.

-Ensure staff duty rotes are maintained, taking into consideration safe staff patient ratio, skill mix and leave allocation to ensure the delivery of safe patient care.

-Participate in the recruitment of staff.

-Evaluate staff performance, determine deficiencies and implement plan of action.

-Develop Saudization plan in the assigned area.

-Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employee's knowledge, skills and abilities.


-Act as mentor to student nurses and preceptor to hired staff.

-Support staff to meet competency requirements in the assigned area.

-Participate in the development and revision of unit based competency practice in the assigned area.

-Ensure effective training and educational programs are available by liaising with appropriate personnel.

-Assist with development and implementation of orientation programs.

-Recognize and identify own development needs in conjunction with Clinical

Quality Improvement:

-Complete Accident and Incident Reports, investigate and initiate action and or follow-up required to prevent future occurrence.

-Participate in performance improvement activities and utilize data to develop action for improvement, evaluate and document outcomes.



-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from accredited school

-License of practice from origin country and Saudi

Professional Experience:


-Minimum of six (6) years post registration experience, at least two (2) years must be spent in the relevant specialty.

-Board clinical experience or post basic certificate area of responsibility

-High standards of leadership skills.

Personal skills:

Strong motivation and commitment towards excellence in healthcare and professional development

Ability to develop effective partnerships, facilitating team building and working   collaboratively towards   common goal




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